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To avocado or not to avocado


I know of the health benefits for eating the avocado and I know of the versatility in its food application. Heck I have just tried a chocolate mousse recipe, one of which I was really looking forward to, after all who would pass up a chocolate dessert?

I  mixed the ingredients together into a wonderfully creamy consistency, the avocado just ripe. A small taster on the tip of the spoon caressed my taste buds, the mix between sweet and bitter balanced in a rich velvety textured delight.

My next heaped spoon of this delight was shovelled in with total abandon. The texture once more caressing the inside of the mouth, bitter and sweet danced on my tongue.

Then the avocado started to add its distinct flavour to the mix, subtle at first, even when swallowed the flavour kept increasing. The flavour reached a point I needed to swill it away, swill it would not. I write this chewing gum, but still the taste lingers, my mind not wanting to let go of the flavour.

The humble avocado, oft mistaken for a veg, when in reality, it is the Marmite of the fruit world; you either love it or hate it.

Unfortunately I hate it, sweet or savoury.

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